Moses Roses Toeses (Glass)

Runaround Sue (Sarlemijn / Weisbud)

Makes Me Wonder (Barton)

Hooked (Brady)

Playing With Matches (Taylor)

Toot Toot (Burgess)

Refrigerator Door (Gauci)

Brings You Happiness (Paterson)

Broke As (Talbot)

Forget All Your Yesterdays (Rev)

Felt Good On My Lips (Rev)

Liar (Bos)

Young Ones (Rev)

She Hates Me Too! (Watson/Parrish)

Truth Be Told (Glover)

One Second Guessing (Rev)

Runaway Heart (Rev)

Unchained Melody (Rev)

Pretty Damn Good (Burgess/Olsen)

Favourite Song (Taylor)

Don't Need A Reason (Hughes)

Afterglow (B. Harris)

Count In 3 (Burton/Glover/Szymanski)

Down To One (Formosa)

Love Songs Ain't For Us (Ross/Taylor)

The Captain (Talbot)

The Edge (Hughes)

The Lotto (Burgess)

Sweet Sweet Smile (Rev)

Good To Go (Easy) (Mifsud)

Boogie Shoes (Gauci)

Good To Go (Blevin)

First Smile ((Brixvi)

Move Together (Taylor)

Hell Of A View (Simpkin)

Salt Lime & Tequila (Wright)

Going Going Gone (Glover)

Muddy Waters Healing (Glover/Lefebour))

Cry - Rev (Taylor)

I've Been Waiting For You - Rev (Talbot/Johnstone)

Killing Me Soft (2020) - Rev (Paterson)

Consequences (Harris)

Frequency ('Rev) Vera-Lobas)

Find Your Music (Paterson)

World To Me (Dingwall)

Chosen Family (Talbot/Johnstone)

Fly (McIntosh)




99 Years - Rev (Watson)

Absolutely - Rev

Black Hole (Talbot)

Weekend Vibes (Winson/Barnfield)

What's Your Song (Gauci)

React (Gallagher/O'Reilly)

Singing In the Wind (Danielsson)

When I Get Older (Storsveen)

Sway With Me (Elliot/Ng)

A Banjo (Larson)

Cold Hard Truth (Gauci)

All The Girls (Kinser/Verhagen/Lai/Barton)

Little But Of Lovin' (Burgess)

Biblical (Taylor)

Back To Life (Gauci)

Dream In Your Arms (Prattley)

Sun On A Black Sky (Talbot)

Never Let Go (Rosenblatt)

Couldn't Keep Up (Paterson)

Dynamite (Harris)

After All (McPhee)

The Girl Can't Help It (Currie/Pywell)

Bad Habits EZ (Johnstone)

Shouting To The Monsters (Poulsen)

Blood On A Rose (Ward/Poulsen)

Thelma And Louise (Breed/Tummers)