Faithful Soul - (O'Reilly /Gallagher)

Stumblin & Fallin - (Hogan)

Turning Tables - (M & T Glover)

Rain Dance (Beg) - (Argyle)

Let Me Be There (Beg) - (Yeung)

Adalaida - (O'Reilly)

Hardy - (Bailey)

Woke Up Late (Glover)

Holding Hands Together (Beg) (Vane/Johnstone)

I Swear (Talbot)

Nothing' But Taillights (Dan/Miller)

The Greatest Love Of All (O'Reilly/Vane/Poulsen)

Dance Monkey (Johnstone)

Crystal Touch (Glover/Bell)

Wintergreen (Gallagher)

Double R Dee (Mitchell)

Less Than Whole (Hughes)

One More Dance (Beazley)

Wanna Talk To Me (Hughes)

At The Weakest (Taylor)

MD Honky Tonk (Brown)

Nothing But You (Taylor/Elliott)

Up In The Air (McEnaney-White/Ward)

Set You Free (L Watson)

Stomp Down (Vane/Holland)

Martha Devine (Mitchell)

Yesterdays Gone (Morris)

Before You Go (Ross/Hamilton)