Faithful Soul - (O'Reilly /Gallagher)

Stumblin & Fallin - (Hogan)

Turning Tables - (M & T Glover)

Rain Dance (Beg) - (Argyle)

Let Me Be There (Beg) - (Yeung)

Adalaida - (O'Reilly)

Hardy - (Bailey)

Woke Up Late (Glover)

Holding Hands Together (Beg) (Vane/Johnstone)

I Swear (Talbot)

Nothing' But Taillights (Dan/Miller)

The Greatest Love Of All (O'Reilly/Vane/Poulsen)

Dance Monkey (Johnstone)

Crystal Touch (Glover/Bell)

Wintergreen (Gallagher)

Double R Dee (Mitchell)

Less Than Whole (Hughes)

One More Dance (Beazley)

Wanna Talk To Me (Hughes)

At The Weakest (Taylor)

MD Honky Tonk (Brown)

Nothing But You (Taylor/Elliott)

Up In The Air (McEnaney-White/Ward)

Set You Free (L Watson)

Stomp Down (Vane/Holland)

Martha Devine (Mitchell)

Yesterdays Gone (Morris)

Before You Go (Ross/Hamilton)

Cruel Intentions (Winson)

Southern Dreams (Glover)

That's My Boy (Hedt)

Country As Can Be (Wilson)

I Called Mama (Paterson)

You Are Not Alone (Breed/Taylor)

Chain Reaction (Bowden/Elliott)

Faith Hope and Love (Whitehouse/Bailey/Vane)

Country Boy Lovin' (Glover)

Salt N Lime (Talbot)

Can I Have This Dance (Gauci)

Born To Shine (Gauci)

Until The End (Watson, L)

Hot Stuff (Watson, L)

Killmg Me Soft (2020) (Paterson)

One Second Guessing (Breed)

Standing With You (Olsen)

Build Me A Daddy (Gauci)

Don't Wanna Fight (Glover)

Not That Kind Of Girl (Barnfield)

Knowing You (Taylor/Simpkin)

Wish I Could Fly (Larsen)

If You See Him (Paterson)