Sangria Sun (Argle)

Always Remember Us (Olsen)

All This Love (Burgess)

Secrets We Keep (McKeever/Poulsen/Richards)

Soldier (Vane)

Anymore Cha (Watson)

Hourglass (Gallagher/OíReilly)

Off The Beaten Track (OíReilly)

Music To My Eyes (Steele/Ward)

Just A Phase (Glover/Whitehouse)

Honky Tonk Mood (Glover/Fowler)

Lonely Lovers (Glover)

Could You Love Me Anyway (Hughes)

I Fell For You (Rosenblatt)

Whole Damn Thing (Hoyn/Taylor)

Graffitti (Winson)

Codigo (Mitchell)

Bud Light Blue (Bailey)

4.20 (Watson)

Oh Me Oh My Oh (Fowler)

Back To Life (Gauci)

Choke Around (Burgess)

My Angel & Me (Winson)

American Made (Mitchell/Fowler)

Dance With A Stranger (LeFebour)

Weíll Be Dancing (Gallagher)

Oops Baby (Burgess)

Pillows (Burgess)

Nothing But You (Bailey)

A Million Dreams (Olsen)

Reason To Stay (OíReilly)

One Year Of Love (Simpkin)

Who Needs Mexico (McManamon)

La Fiesta Cubana (Verdonk/Trepat/Petauer/Gallagher)

The Dance We Share (Paterson)

Baby Dream



Keep It Simple (Easy) (Gallagher)

Someone You Love (Moates/Hughes)

Black Feathers (Kerrigan)

Vacation (Glover)

Now Iím Bulletproof (Watson)

Get Wild (Glover/Thompson-Szymanski)

Never Growing Up (Ward/Glover)

Hypnotised Cha (Ward)

I Will Follow Him (Elliott)

One Less Day (T Glover)

G.C.M. (Talbot)

Indigo (Watson/Larson)

Young Again (Watson)

99 Years (Larson/Watson)

Simply The Best (Glover/McEnaney-White)

Donít Worry Baby (Smith)

Runaway Heart (Taylor)

Lonely Blues (McEnaney-White)

Donít Give Up On Me (Burgess/Johnstone)

Bonaparteís Retreat (Glover)

Bad Seed (Smith)

Senorita (Talbot/McKenzie)

Absolutely (Poulsen)

Sucker (Wetzel) 

Legend (Hickie/Winson)

Hold Me While You Wait (Taylor)

Worth A Shot (Mitchell)

Changing Pillows (Butcher)

Shot of Tequila (Whitehouse)
Unraveling (Talbot/Mitchell)
Remember You Young(Storsveen/Szymanski)
Speed Of Love (A.A.J.D)  

Selfish (Hickie) 

Good At Tonight (Talbot/Glover)
It's So Easy (Elliott)
Train Swing (Poulsen)
Stuck On You & Me (Paterson)  





















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