Another Night With You- Olsen

High & Dry -Fry (Rev)

Too Good- Burgess

You Ain't Here -Burgess

Rebel Just For Kicks- Vos

Amame - (Rev)

You Are The Reason - Talbot

Beautiful Drug - Snooke

Sunshine Waltz - Lee

Coming Home - Olsen

Someone For You - Watson

Born To Love You - Watson

Baby, Just Let It Be - Lefebour

Wandering Hearts - Gallagher / O'Reilly

Shady - Bailey/Whitehouse/Glass

Sweet Caroline - Bailey

I Wanna Love Like That Again (Hughes)

Their Hearts Are Dancing (Mackay)

Feel Me Gone (Paterson)

Hearts On Fire (Gallagher)

All The Kings Horses (Gallagher)

Smoke & Mirrors (Mitchell & Paterson)

Hot 2 Touch (Watson)

All Nighta (Moates/Watson)

One Step, Two Step (Lefebour)

If Only (Lefebour/Bishop/Paterson)

What I Miss Most (Gallagher/O'Reilly)

Rumour (Gauci)

85 (McEnaney White/Maus)

Let Me Keep You Warm (Musk)

Pull You Through (Glover/Thompson/Szymanski)

Whiskey Bridges (Glover)

To The Moon & Back (O'Reilly/Rushton)