Champagne Promise (Argyle)

Everywhere (Hughes.Mitchell)

How Do You Feel (Formosa)

Don't Be Blue (Easy) (Booth)
Last Night (Elliott)

Dance With Me (Burgess)

Bored (Vos)

One More Day (Wetzel)

Penny Lane (Simpkin)
Nothing Holdin' Me Back (Moates/Watson)
Bring It On (Watson/Parish)  

Andante Andante (Rev)

It's Over (Talbot/Simpkin)

Southern Thing (Fowler/Bailey)

Slowly, Gently, Softly (O'Reilly)

Windy City Waltz (Rev)

Woman In Love (Talbot)

I Must Be Dreaming (Morris)

Slow Hands (Vane)

Somebody Wants You (Trepat, Poulsen,Fitzgerald,Harris,Hadisubroto,Murray)

Mind Over Matter (Rev)

Sweetheart (Talbot)

Oh Hot Damn (O'Reilly)

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Olsen)

Never Tear Us Apart (Olsen/Paterson)

Ride Away - (Hickie)

Story (Glover)

DCM Waltz (Taylor)

Warning Labels (Rev)

A Woman's Love (Rev)

Best Days (Rev)

Oops Baby (Rev)

Without You (Rev)

Hurts LIke A Cha Cha (Ward/Trepat/Whitehouse)

Countryholic (Mitchell)

Boots (Glover)

Havanah Ooh-Na-Na (Wetzel)

Fallin' For You (Burgess)

Respectable Waltz (Watson)

Broken Dreams (Jenkins)

Without You (Rev)

Eyes For You (Thompson/Szymanski)

Beautiful Wonder (Rushton/Tofte)



Obsessed - Moates/Watson

Last Chance Dance - Glover

A Woman's Love- Lee (Rev)

Take Me To The River -Verdonk/Dahlgreen

Infinity - Hughes (Rev)

Where I'll Stay - Hughes/Jennings

Play That Song - Talbot

Missing - Mitchell

Wolves - Herd/Taylor

I'm So Excited - Talbot

Forever Country - Paterson

Broken - Olsen/Paterson

Hold On - Hooker

Oops Baby - Flowers/McEnaney-White

Hold Me Now - Paterson/Jenkins/Talbot

The Wire - Hughes/Jennings

The Woman I Worship - Hughes

It's Me - Hughes

Two Ships - Hughes

Tomorrows Question -Wyllie (Rev)

Love Junk - Ward/Watson

Perfect - Talbot/Johnstone

Love Remains - O'Reilly

Water Off A Ducks Back (Pace)

Diamonds & Daughters (T & M Glover)

I Came To Love You (Musk/O'Reilly)

Wake Me Up (Rev)

Don't Call Me Baby (Watson)

Nancy Mulligan (Gallagher/O'Reilly)

When We Say It's Forever (Vera-Lobos)

Kleen Boots (Brady)

Lady In Red (Ward)

Shout Out To My Ex (Gauci)

Feel The Beat (C Watson)

A Reason To Stay (L Watson)

Heaven On Earth (Ward/Jacbosen)

Hey Stranger (Verdonk/Glass)

Doctor Doctor (Palmer) - Rev

Sweet Devil (L. Watson) - Rev

Road Less Traveled - (Morris)

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - (Elliott)

Whistle While You Work It (Kinser/Luna/Sobrielo/Lee)

Dig Your Heels (Glover)

10 Min Walk (Ward/Ellis)

Time To Surrender (Ward/McEnaney-White)

Lonely Drum (Mitchell)

The One You're Waiting On (Glover)  

Unhinged (Taylor) 

When You Love Someone Like That (Larsen/Fry)