Ain't No Way (Ward/Rushton/Vane)

Baby, I'm Right (Gauci)

Hey Bartender (Moates)

Painkiller (Hickie)

Ooh-Wakka (John Hughes)

Dancing Class (Jennings/Jennifer Hughes)

Tracks Of My Tears (Josh Talbot)

Big Blue Tree (Vos)

Love Sweet Love (Herd)

Life Of The Party (M Glover)

Love Runs (Paterson/Jenkins)

Humble & Kind (Paterson)

Princess Cha (Watson/M Glover/Poulsen)

Lay Low (Bailey)

Ain't Misbehavin (Mundy/Thompson/Glass)

The Driver (Taylor)

2nd Hand Heart (Hughes/Formosa)

Thinkin' Country (Ward)

True Love Easy (Talbot)

Everything I Do (McEnaney)

I Run To You (McEnaney)

Lonely Girl (M Glover)

About Feelings (Vos)

Slamming Doors (Fowler)

Every Little Thing (Talbot)

Gerry's Reel (Gallagher)

Everytime You Cry (Olsen)

Wildest Dreams (Larson)

Dangerous World (Herd/Taylor)

I Wanna Dance (Gauci)

Give (Elliott)

Bring Down The House (Burgess)

Sinatra & Chardonnay (Biggs & Metelnick)

Beautiful World (Simpkin & Jennings)

Would I Lie To You (Moates/Larsen)

I Know A Guy (Ward)

 Strip It Down (McEnaney)

One More Try (Gauci)

Be That Song (Simpkin)

Sounds of Silence (Friel)

Why Baby Why (Glover)

Making History (Bennett/Musk/Ward)

Sofia (Sittrop)

7 Years (L. Watson) 

My Hometown (Mackay) 

Teach Me To Dance (Mackay) 

I See Me (Argyle)

Without You (Burgess) 

Can't Smile Without You (Mackay)

Walk Of Shame (Ward/Poulsen)

Love Drunk (Talbot)

Oh No (Simpkin/Mooney) - revised

Those Less Fortunate (Olsen) - revised

Blue Mountains Beach House (Rev)

A Womans Love (Lee)

After The Storm (MVL

Pieces (Betts)

Drift Away (Fowler)

Do A Little Life (Glover/Risley)

Dear Friend (Salsa)

Up All Night (McFarlane/Hariss)

High On Lovin' You (Gauci)

All I Ask You (Gauci)

Getaway Driver (Burgess)

S.T. One (McEnaney-White)

Break On Me (Talbot)

Falling For You (Bos/Camps)

From The Ground Up (McEnaney-White)

Moon Walkin' (Paterson/Mitchell)

Try Everything (Lefebour)

Calm Me Down (Talbot/Jenkins)

Girls Will Be Girls (Olsen)

Hello Summer (Hamilton)

In Case You Didn't Know (Scott/Ray)

Someone 2 Love (Gauci)