Trouble With Treble (M Glover)

Paint The Town Green (Biggs/Metelnick)

Sometimes (Roods)

Stick With Me (Taylor/Morris)

Andante, Andante (Paterson/Olsen)

Cecilia (Brown/Barton)

Piano Man (Hickie/Vassell)

House Of Cards (Gauci)

Tick Tock Two (McEnaney)

I Can Catch The Moon (Paterson/Olsen)

We Only Live Once (Hickie)

Battle Scars (Ward)

Heidi (Wyllie)

I'm A Mess (Taylor)

Change Her Mind (Taylor)

Make It Hurt (Glover/Watson)

Better Than Ever (M Glover)

Wonder Train (Vos)

Shades Of Passion (Fowler)

Priscilla (M Glover)

Blood, Sweat, Beer (Hughes/Jennings)

Don't Miss Your Life (Bradey)

Insomniac (Moates/Larson)

Ex's & Oh's (Olsen)

Girl Crush (McEnaney/Johnstone)

Marvin Gaye (Josh Talbot)

Teenage Dreamin' (M Glover)

Darling Hold My Hand (Harris/Fitzgerald)

Summer Rain (Elliott/Bowden)

Lose You (Taylor)

Nights In White Satin (Burgess)

Riot (Gauci)

Hard Work (Fitzgerald/Harris)

Thats When I Knew (Taylor)

You're Not The Boss Of Me (Ward/Poulsen

Heavenly Cha (Musk)



















Gimme That Title (Gauci)

Fireworks (Herd)

Tell The World (McGowan-Hickie)

Stories We Could Tell (T Glover)

Love Me Like You Do (Vos)

Mind Over Matter (Ward/Poulsen)

Chasing Me (Simpkin)

Summer Rain (Elliott/Bowden)

Ticket To The Blues (Poulsen)

Making Me Feel (M Glover/McEnaney-White)

Memphis Love (Morris)

Fall For You (Rushton)

This Love Is Ours (Gauci)

It's Never Too Late (Fry)

The Bomp (Ray)

Wings (Herd)

Twist & Turns (M Glover)

Shut Up & Dance (Snooke)

Greater Than Me (Gallagher)

Never Been To Spain (Thompson-Szymanski) 

This Song Is About You (Olsen)

Rock & Roll King (McEnaney)

Big Girls Cry (Bishop)

Tacoma (Gauci)

Don't Be So (Burgess)

Don't Make Me Suffer (Vane/Holtland/Verdonk)

Baby I'm Amazed (M Glover)

One Call Away (Talbot)

On Track (Bradey)

Alvaro (Hickie/Winson)

Hidalgo Boogie (Weisburd) 

My Legs Are Weak (Burgess)

Unmistakable (Risley)

Same Page (Moates/Larson)

Best Seat In The House (Paterson)

Better When I'm Dancin (Talbot)

Tuesday Blues (Ward)