Fly High

Say Something

Counting Stars-Easily

Sparks Fly


I Hope You Find It

Something I Need


Jump On A Ride

Borrow My Heart

Mr Whoever You Are (Rev)

Talking In My Sleep (Rev)

Just By Being You

Hey Bro

Sound Of A Million Dreams (MVL/Bradey)

Bonfire Heart (L Burgess)

Kick Up Your Heels (Wolfe)

Dance From The Heart (Wyllie - Very EI)

Man In The Mirror (Ward/McEnaney)

Heads Carolina Tails California (Booth)

Ivory Towers (Vos)

Is This The Way To Amarillo (Fletcher & Palmer)

Walk Alone (Sala & McGowan Hickie)

A Little Bit Gypsy (Fitzgerald/Harris)

Girl Power (Ward/McLaughlin/Vane)

Legacy Waltz (Watson)

Power of Love 2014 (Paterson)

Baby Kisses (McGowan Hickie & Vessall)

Mountain Girl (Sloan & Dale)

Sweet Romance (Hickie) (Rev)

Heart Of The Ball (Bradey)

Dirt Road Kid (Simpkin)

Til' It A'int.....Anymore (Taylor & Wyllie)

Do Ya (Shuttleworth)

Women Rule (Mifsud)

Rather Be (Musk)

Geronimo (Talbot/Jenkins)

Get In, Sit Down (Ross/Ogden)

Quit Stallin' (Shuttleworth)

Free (Taylor/Lefebour)

New York 2 LA (McEnaney)

Only If You Want To (Larson)

All I Can Say (McEnaney/Ward)

Better To Love (Talbot & Talbot)

































Feeling Hot (McEnaney)

Outta My Head (Glover/Pearson)

One Shot (Sala/McGowan Hickie)

Demons (Simpkin)

Somewhere In My Car (Burgess)

Goodbye (Gauci)

Laughter In the Rain (Musk)

Classic (MVL)

Que Sera (Mackay)

A Cannonball (Elliott)

Just Let Go (Moates/Worth)

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O (Gallagher)

Party Town (Rosenblatt)

Young Blood (Dance Factory)

Promises (Hogan)

Walking On Air (Ward/Glass)

Sail Away (Taylor)

Black Tears (Taylor)

We Are Done (Lefebour)

Alcazar (Hickie/Winson)

Down To The River (Wallman)

Forever Begins Tonight (T Glover)

Brave (Palmer/Hilbert/Dennis)

Love Is Easy (Burgess)

Can't Say No (Worth)

Love Can Build A Bridge (Elliott)

Come Back to Me (Larson)

Eternal Secret (Vos)

Oh No (Simpkin)

Stay With Me (MVL)

You Ruin Me (Taylor/Johnstone)

The Voice (Burgess)

Yeah Yeah (Bishop)

Fallin' (Taylor)

Shine My Shoes (MVL)

Girl Behind The Mask (Rosenblatt)

Dear Future Husband (J Wetzel)

Wrapped Up (Ward)

One Great Mystery (Ward)

Everything Will Change (Fitzgerald/Harris)

If You Were (Pink)

Crocodile Roll (Johnston/Hoyn/Weisburd)



























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