Over 20 years ago a lovely bubbly lady called Yvonne Hamson started the Apache Line Dancers, with classes on both Southside and Northside of Brisbane. A fully qualified judge and a very experienced teacher with a very energetic personality that she took to all her classes, events and competitions.
Not long after learning line dancing with Yvonne, Yvonne formed a formation team of over 25 dancers, where we competed with winning results and travelled far and wide doing competitions and demonstrations. Every Sunday the dancers would meet and practice, not wanting to miss a Sunday, to make sure Yvonne’s dreams came true.
Our trips away were thoroughly enjoyed by not only us, but by the many people that we met along the way, and however we travelled by road or train didn’t stop us from line dancing. We would dance on the side of roads waiting for traffic controllers to clear the way and dance on train platforms waiting for passengers to come and go. Even with warnings by railway staff that if another line dancer got off the train we will leave you there, still that didn’t deter us, we kept on line dancing. So many memories, so many fantastic times did we all have, that every outing was a party.
Yvonne’s love of line dancing always showed and she gave us more than 100% at any time. Not only did she coach the formation team but others in duo’s and small teams with also winning results which I was a part of. We were so very proud of Yvonne and I know that she was proud of us.
Quite often Yvonne would hand me a dance sheet to learn a dance, just in case I was needed to teach it, and as this became very regular, I knew that her illness was serious. The day that Yvonne offered me her club, is something that I will never forget and never expected to have. Through Yvonnes’ guidance, leadership and love of line dancing has helped made the club as successful today as what is was back then.
Eventhough the club’s competitive days are over, and do very limited demonstrations, most the club members travel the countryside attending socials and workshops, and I still have dancers with me who started with Yvonne all those years ago.
Yvonne had retired to South Australia coping very well with her illness with the help and strength of her partner Merv, but not wanting to be defeated in anything she does, her bubbly personality keeps shining through.

Sadly on 5th February 2012, Yvonne passed away. Always remembered and sadly missed.

Thank you for taking the time to share my story.


The APACHE LINE DANCERS is a registered business operated by me. The club has 5 classes a week at Albany Creek, Caboolture, Deception Bay and Petrie covering beginners to advanced levels.

(2003) Our most recent shot of fame came when most of our dancers performed in the arena spectacular in Brisbane of THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER . After the show was taken around Australia the producers of the show found Brisbane audiences and performers to be the best and we had another bite of the cherry and performed again a few months later to more packed audiences. A thoroughly fun time was had by all, especially rubbing shoulders with so many famous people.

(2004) THE BRISBANE BOOTSCOOTERS BALL: Is a very successful yearly event supported by dancers and teachers who travel from areas of Brisbane, surrounding suburbs, even as far as north on the Sunshine Coast and South on the Gold Coast. The ball has a limit of 200 people and for a low cost of $20 is held on the 3rd Saturday in July. Price includes a variety of meals/suppers in accordance with the theme of the event, as well as the chance to win one of the many lucky door prizes. A programme is designed to cover all levels, with split floors. Themes have included: 2005 - Brown, Cream, Green; 2006 - Red, White, Blue; 2007 - Cowboys & Indians; 2008 - Rock n Roll; 2009 - Christmas in July; 2010 - Ties, Scarves & Vests; 2011 - Let's Go Nautical; 2012 - Witches & Wizards; ;2013 - Denim Diamonds; 2014 - Angels & Devils; 2015 - Mexican Fiesta, 2016 - The Outback, 2017 - Rags or Riches, 2018 - Ebony & Ivory

(2006) 100 DANCE SOCIAL: When I first started this social I had one a year, but by popular demand was increased to two a year. Another successful and fun day is had by all, especially trying to remember all 100 dances. There are dancers that are there from start to finish, only stopping for a break during a dance they do so many times. The price of $15.00 (held 3rd Satuday March & September) includes the chance to win one of the many lucky door & lucky spot prizes. The event is BYO nibbles, so come give it a go, you sure will have a memorable, energetic and fun time.